“I bought a sauna a few years ago to help me with my lyme disease. Not only did my sauna help me during treatment, but my entire family now uses it! we all love our sauna. I highly recommend” – Anne Fuller


One 30-minute session….$55

One 45-minute session….$65

Maintain Tranquility………..$125

Four session (once a week for a month)

Elevate Tranquility…………,$225

Eight sessions (Twice a week for a month)

Pure Tranquility……….……..$295

Twelve essions (Three times a week for a month)

Ultimate Tranquility…………$489

Twenty-eight sessions Also includes a 20% discount on other services (cannot be combined with other deals)

Pura Vida..……………………….$154

One 60-minute relaxing or therapeutic massage and one 30-minute Infrared Sauna session in our luxurious Yoga sauna.

Sanctuary Pura Vida………...$184

One 90-minute relaxing or therapeutic massage and One 30- minute Infrared Sauna session in our luxurious Yoga sauna.

Pura Vida Máxima..………….$194

One 90-minute relaxing or therapeutic massage will melt your tension and pains and one 45-minute Infrared Sauna session in our luxurious Yoga sauna will serve to increase your relaxation, healing, decrease imflamation, and much more.

Soothe your soul, relax, and heal in our state of the art infrared sauna. Let the warm light waves penetrate deep into your muscles and tissue, bringing you all the benefits of sunlight without the harmful UV waves. Our sauna was carefully selected to provide or customers with a large, open space to relax and work on their wellness featuring Full-Spectrum infrared heaters, Chromotherapy, benches we can remove so you can spread out and practice yoga, and a convenient sound system (we ask customers to please remember massages are being done in the building so please njoy your music at a respectful volume).

What is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses light to create heat. This type of sauna is sometimes called a far-infrared sauna — "far" describes where the infrared waves fall on the light spectrum. Light waves penetrate your body warming you from the inside instead of heating the air around you. Our sauna offers full-spectrum meaning it uses far, mid, and near wave waves to provide the best possible results.

How does it differ from a traditional sauna?

A traditional sauna heats the air around you instead of heating your body directly. This results in sessions taking long in order to penetrate deep into your body and often less effective. Infrared light is able to penetrate deep and directly into your tissue. An infrared sauna produces the same overall results as a traditional sauna but at lower temperatures, which makes it accessible to people who can’t tolerate the heat of a conventional sauna. It also makes them far more efficient, and cheaper to run.

What should I expect?

Ideally, you want to move around every few minutes so different parts of your body are directly exposed to the infrared panels. Try seated, lying, and be sure to turn around and expose as much of your body as possible to the heat.

If the heat starts to make you light-headed or dizzy, open the door slightly or sit outside to recover.

Enjoy your sauna experience. If you’re so inclined, the sauna is a great place to meditate and do your visualizations, even do some yoga. Relax and focus on your breathing at all times to help you achieve a state of calmness and peace that harbours recovery and rejuvenation of the body.

Remember above all to keep sipping your water throughout the session to remain hydrated, and replenish those now starving muscle tissue cells.

Benefits of Sauna Use

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Relaxes muscles and relieves tension

  • Boosts immune system

  • Increase skin health

  • Encourages weight loss

  • Increase circulation and boost cardiovascular health

  • Detox and release harmful substances from body

  • And much more….

What health issues may be counter intuitive to infrared sauna use?

Infrared saunas are inherently an extremely safe method of detox.

As with all good things, there are some instances where sauna may not be suitable for you. Young children, the elderly, and those with the following conditions should consult a medical professional before using a sauna:

  • Hypertension

  • Dental amalgams

  • Past use of LSD or other psychotropic drugs

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Respiratory conditions

  • Acute infections

  • Lymph node removal

  • Diabetes

  • Prostheses, silicone implants or metallic pins

  • Sensory nerve damage

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • Chronically ill

  • Anyone taking pharmaceutical medications

    Infrared saunas are inherently an extremely safe method of detox.

Possible post-sauna reactions:

As sauna does not require to ingest anything to achieve a detox, any reactions you may experience are the result of heat and the toxins leaving your body. The good news is, healthy people generally don’t experience any reactions. Anyone that is toxic in any way (surprisingly, most of us are) or sick, can have a “healing reaction.” Symptoms may include:

  • Fatigue

  • Aches and pains

  • Rashes

  • Bowel symptoms (usually increased)

  • Odors – can be from your breath, sweat or vaginal/seminal discharge

  • Computer sensitivity

If you do experience any of the above, it’s unlikely you’ll experience them for very long. Should they stay around longer than 1-2 days, seek the guidance of your health care professional.